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FPL 2017/18 Season Review Part II

The middle third of the season sees my team tackle the xmas period and rise up the rankings to be on the brink of the top 10k

Current Team: Pope, Elliot, Otamendi, Daniels, Ward, Dann, Hunemeier, Hazard, Salah, Silva, Richarlison, Loftus Cheek, Kane, Jesus, Joselu

GW14: 40 points. GR 3,965,846. OR 190,121

Jesus ⇒ Morata. Jesus was benched in the last game against HUD meaning it looked like he would be rotated with Aguero. I don’t like owning rotation threats. Morata came in for the home game against Swansea and scored 1 point.

A nothing GW, with a low overall average of 47. Kane (c) scored 12 pts, and Salah did his usual with 13. The rest blanked. Sterling again scored while Silva only got 1 pt. I’m not sure why I didn’t go ahead and make the switch. I probably thought it was a bit sideways.

GW15: 75 points. GR 80,082. OR 61,604

Dann ⇒ Moreno. The injured Dann went for Moreno, who was posting good attacking stats for a Liverpool side scoring loads of goals. This was the week Moreno was dropped for Robertson never to be seen again! Another poor transfer.

This week was a real turning point in my season propelling me well into the top 100k. I took the decision to go against the herd and not captain Kane away to WAT. Kane wasn’t scoring badly but Spurs and Kane had looked a bit flat recently and WAT were playing well. Instead I captained Hazard at home to NEW and he delivered a brace and 30pts, while Kane blanked. Silva (9) outscored Sterling who blanked, Otamendi notched 11pts, and even Morata scored. Coutinho hit 18 points away to BRI this GW putting him firmly on my wishlist.

GW16: 70 points. GR 132,190. OR 25,921

Silva ⇒ Coutinho. I had been thinking about this move for a couple of weeks following Silva’s run of low returns. Coutinho hitting 18points in GW15, and with a home fixture against EVE to come pushed me to make the trade. Coutinho was subsequently benched and came on for 1pt, while Silva hit 8 vs Man United.

Joselu ⇒ Calvert Lewin. I finally get rid of Joselu and bring in Calvert Lewin as my enabler for the Countinho transfer.

Despite the poor transfer my team followed up GW15s success with another great week. The captain went back on Kane for 24 pts vs STK, with Otamendi scoring again and Salah hitting double digits. My double BUR defence also came in with a CS.

GW17: 42 points. GR 3,684,823. OR 38,810

I rolled the transfer this week. A poor score but I only dropped 13k. When you have a poor GR but don’t drop too far in rank it means that you have the highly owned players covered that those around you also have. If those players fail you they also fail those immediately around you. This is the position I like to be in when I’m pushing towards the top 10k.

Kane (c) blanked at home to BRI, Salah and Coutinho also blanked. My saviour was Pope who was my highest scorer with 11 home to STK. The real sickener this week was Silva who scored 16pts vs Swansea. That Silva to Coutinho transfer in GW16 ended up costing me 20pts.

GW18: 58 points. GR 1,934,708. OR 45,024

Daniels ⇒ Jones. Jones is fit again and got 2bps in the 1-0 win over Bournemouth last week. Daniels fixtures take a turn for the worse.

Ward ⇒ Ogbonna. Ward is now injured so I say goodbye to my double Burnley defence, and get in Ogbonna as he has a double game week in a couple of weeks.

An average week and a small red arrow. Coutinho was the star finally coming good with 13 points. Captain Hazard only gets an assist against Saints, but I do get a goal out of Calvert Lewin. Sterling bagged a brace and is preventing me moving up the ranks, he’s looking like a must have with his high ownership.

GW19: 92 (-4) points. GR 166,733. OR 24,513

The Christmas period is now upon us. It’s vital that you have the form players in your team over xmas, as there’s a lot of games in a short period of time. Having the right players can you see you shoot up the rankings. Not owning highly owned form players can see your rank plummet. A lot of good FPL players take a hit around this time to get those players in. Sterling was the only player I felt I needed, who I didn’t already own.

Loftus Cheek ⇒ Sterling. I finally fully commit to going 3-5-2 (I’d been thinking about it for a while) by moving on RLC for the in form Sterling. I go all out handing him the captaincy at home to BOU. He doesn’t disappoint with a goal and an assist.

Morata ⇒ Austin. To fund the Sterling transfer, Austin comes in for the under performing Morata (1 point in the last 2 games). I like Austin a lot when he’s fit he scores goals. He does score this week for 8 points, but he also gets injured putting him out for a couple of months.

A very good week almost halves my rank edging me closer to the top 10k. Kane hits an unexpected hatrick away to Burnley, and the Liverpool duo of Coutinho and Salah deliver again. Hazard continues to blank and is looking very expensive for his output.

GW20: 93 points. GR 284,184. OR  15,119

Moreno ⇒ Kenny. I finally get round to dropping Moreno who hasn’t played a minute of football while being in my team. Kenny is the best I can afford. He keeps a clean sheet.

A second hatrick in 2 GWs for Kane. This time he’s my captain for 34 points. My midfield keeps bringing points, although Hazard disappoints again at home to Brighton. Otamendi continues his relentless run of clean sheets and Bps.

Team Update (pts in brackets): Pope (1), Otamendi (8), Jones (1), Kenny (6), Hazard (3), Salah (9), Countinho (13), Sterling (11), Richarlison (5), Calvert Lewin (2), Kane (34) Subs. Elliot, Ogbonna, Hunemeier, Austin.

GW21: 63 (-4) points. GR 665,770. OR 13,758

No game for Spurs or West Ham this week so I take a hit to get 11 starters, and bench Kane and Ogbonna.

Austin ⇒ Quaner. Quaner at 4.5 comes in to fill the role of my benched striker in a 3-5-2 going forward.

Hunemeier ⇒ Christensen. Christensen looks likely to start having been rested the previous week, and Chelsea have been on a run of clean sheets. He’s benched and Chelsea win 5-0 vs STK. Hazard is also annoyingly benched in that game. Christensen then goes on an incredible run of being subbed off before 60mins 3 GWs in a row, where Chelsea keep a clean sheet!

A small green arrow. Captain Salah delivers a brace and 28 points, while my defence delivers: Otamendi (8 pts), Jones (9 pts), and Pope (6 pts) all keep clean sheets. Jones and Otamendi showing the benefits of going with bonus point winning defenders.

GW22: 58 (-8) points. GR 947,376. OR 15,363

Spurs and West Ham have a DGW this week. I like going all out for the doubles so take a -8. Players with two games are more likely to pay that hit back!

Hazard ⇒ Alli. Hazard was benched last week, and that’s the final straw as I move him out for Alli. Hazard scores against ARS for 10 pts. Alli thankfully matches him.

Coutinho ⇒ Son. Countinho looks like he’s going to Barca so he has to go, he’s been a great signing. Son is looking on form and recording some big double digit scores. He grabs 12 pts.

Richarlison ⇒ Arnautovic. Richarlison’s good run of form looks to have come to an end. Arnautovic has some great fixtures coming up and is looking dangerous.

Not the best DGW, but only a small red arrow. Captain Kane only scores 6 pts having failed to find the net in either game. Sterling scores again and is looking a very good investment.

GW23: 83 points. GR 238,044. OR 10,279

I decide to save the transfer. I’m currently playing a 4-5-1, which I’ve never done before with Calvert Lewin and Quaner on the bench. My team has a great week. I give Kane another chance with the armband at home to a poor looking Everton team and he rewards me with 26 pts. The midfield step up this week, Arnautovic (16 pts), Son (13 pts), Salah (11), and Alli (6 pts) all deliver. Sterling blanks in the 4-3 defeat to Liverpool. I’m now so close to the top 10k.

GW24: 49 points. GR 2,960,896. OR 13,667

I don’t like the way I played this week. My transfers were made based on ownership (Lingard and Firmino both had high ownership in the top 10k), rather than form and fixtures. Firmino turned out ok in the end, but Lingard didn’t even get a goal or assist in the time I held onto him.

Alli ⇒ Lingard. Alli out was the enabler to afford Firmino. Spurs had a tough run of fixtures coming up and I didn’t want to have triple Spurs for that run.

Calvert Lewin ⇒ Firmino. Firmino is looking in fairly good form, and I wanted to move back to a 3-5-2, from the 4-5-1 I had been playing.

Not a great week, Kane scored as captain and Jones kept another clean sheet with 3 baps. Liverpool surprisingly lose 1-0 away to SWA. Aguero scores a hatrick, which hurts my rank.

GW25: 65 (-8) points. GR 484,570. OR 12,184

Kane ⇒ Aguero. I decide to lose Kane for 3 GWs where he plays Man United, Liverpool and Arsenal. I also get it into my head that Aguero will probably score another hatrick home to WBR. I captain Aguero and he gets a goal for 12 pts.

Son ⇒ Hazard. Son leaves my team for the same reason as Kane. Hazard looks back to his best, but Chelsea go and lose 3-0 at home to Bournemouth!

Arnautovic ⇒ Choupo-Moting. Choup is the enabler for the Aguero and Hazard transfers and will be my 5th mid in my 3-5-2. Arnautovic unfortunately got injured last GW.

An average week with Pope the star, making a penalty save and scoring 11 pts.

GW26: 46 points. GR 2,432,261. OR 14,061

Christensen ⇒ Daniels. I finally lose patience with Christensen, Chelsea’s fixtures also turn for the worst. Daniels comes back in for BOU favourable run of fixtures.

A poor week, with Aguero (c) blanking away to Burnley. Jones misses out as United keep another clean sheet. Most the game is now captaining Salah, and he scores 15 pts meaning I get a small red arrow.


The second third of the season was successful as I move up from 190k to 14k, just outside the top 10k. If you look back at my transfers many of them were actually quite poor, being dropped, injured or scoring less than the player transferred out. This just goes to show you don’t have to make all the right decisions to have a good season. Make sure you have a solid core of the form players and your team will be fine. With all my chips left to play I’m confident of a top 10k finish, and am at this point really looking to push into the top 5k and beyond.


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