GW6 Team Analysis

GW6 Transfer Analysis, The Defence, Liverpool Assets, and GW7 Transfer Thoughts.

Previous Rank: 72,114. Free transfers: 1

GW Points: 65(-4). GW Average: 52. GW Rank: 610,380. Overall Rank: 64,095

Firstly, an apology for no blog posts last week. I was on holiday in sunny Greece with no laptop.

Onto fantasy football and it was good to steady the ship with a green arrow after a pretty poor GW5 where I fell from 15k to 72k (a side effect of not owning Hazard for his 20 point haul against Cardiff).

Transfer Analysis

I had 2FTs going into GW6 and made the decision to make 3 transfers for a -4 hit. Out went Neves (1), Mkhitaryan (0), and the injured Mendy (0), and in came the in form Fraser (2), Maddisson (8) and Trippier (4). This pleasingly resulted in a +7pt swing (the missing 2pts if from the 1pt scored by each Cedric and Stephens who would have come off the bench), along with making my team look considerably stronger moving forward. Each of the three have decent fixtures over the next 2 GWS, after which I plan to WC. Fraser [CRY, wat], Maddisson [new, EVE], Trippier [hud, CAR].

I took the brave (foolish) decision not to follow the crowd and transfer in Hazard off the back of his hat trick against Cardiff. This was mainly because I could only get him in for either Salah or Mane, and they had Southampton at home. Both of whom could have easily out scored Hazard who had West Ham away. The decision fortunately paid off, as Hazard drew a blank away to West Ham, if he hadn’t I would have been looking at a fairly hefty red arrow, as Hazard has an effective ownership of over 45% overall, and 100% in the top 10k. He has Liverpool up next so am happy to hold off until at least GW8 to get him in.

For me the key takeaway from the Cardiff game was not that Hazard is “essential” but that the best player from the top sides playing Cardiff is “essential”. Cardiff’s next fixtures are [BUR, tot, FUL, liv, LEI]. Consider having Kane, Mitrovic, Salah, Maddisson / Vardy in your side for the relevant GW. Each of these players also have good fixtures around the Cardiff game to make their selection even easier.

The Defence

I’m still of the opinion that three premium options at the back is the best way to go, hence why I chose Trippier as my Mendy replacement. Robertson, Alonso and Trippier offer huge attacking point potential, to supplement the clean sheets that look very likely against the weaker sides, the latter two even being on direct free kicks. Be aware though that the fixtures for Robertson [che, MCY] in the next 2GWs aren’t the best, if I had a transfer to spare I’d probably look to move him out and bring him back in on my WC, but I don’t think I will have.

Wan Bissaka is the gift that keeps on giving, delivering his second 9pt haul, with the maximum of 3bps, in a row. Thankfully this week he was in my starting XI! Be wary of his upcoming fixtures though if you’re planning to make him a permanent fixture in your side, he has [eve, ARS, che, TOT, mun] from GW9-13.

Liverpool & GW7 Transfer Thoughts

Liverpool  are undoubtedly on a different level compared to last season, looking extremely solid defensively and threatening to score 2-3 goals every game. However with fixtures [che, MCY] in the next 2GWs, and with me having triple Liverpool, is it time to move their assets on for alternatives with kinder fixtures?

Salah hasn’t seemed at his ruthless best this season so far, however has still managed attacking returns in 4 of the 6 GWs so far, as well as sitting top of the rankings for shots and chances created amongst midfielders, making him a solid captain option, However with no-one likely to captain him in the next 2 GWs, and a declining ownership (34% in the top 10k), it is not dangerous to not own him over that time period.

I will be looking at downgrading Salah to someone like Richarlison [FUL, lei] so I can afford Kane [hud, CAR] for his next two excellent fixtures. Even an out of form Kane has the potential to hit a big score in each of those games. Similarly for Mane a straight swap for Eriksen or Hazard could be a good option.

Final Thoughts

Overall I’m happy with the green arrow and to be back moving in the right direction, especially since a Hazard haul would have seen  me move significantly in the wrong direction. My team looks well set up for the 2GWs before I WC, but I don’t particularly want to proceed with three Liverpool for their tough two fixtures. Moving at least one of them out for a Spurs asset will likely  be the route I take.

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