Useful Links


Fantasy Football Scout

The most comprehensive, and in my opinion best, fantasy football resource available. The site concentrates on the FPL game and posts daily articles with useful information, as well as having a large and active community.

There is a members area that will cost £12.50 to access. However it is worth it, consisting of a season ticker, player and team stats, player comparison tool, and rate my team tool that predicts your teams future performance.

I mainly use the site for the season ticker and players stats, as well as the useful twitter feed that keeps me updated with all the team news and other relevant fantasy football news I may need to know.

Fiso Forum

Fiso has a well structured forum, with discussion boards for all of the main fantasy football games, including FPL and Sky. The FPL forum has the right balance of activity and quality content, enabling you to have a decent, worthwhile conversation. In my opinion Fiso is the best option for high quality fantasy football discussion.

Fantasy Football Fix

FF Fix offers a number of useful resources including a rotation planner, player point predictions, price change predictor and gameweek live rank predictor. You’ll need to give your FPL username and passoword when signing up for an account, but it’s perfectly legitimate and also free to use.

I mainly use the price change predictor, to see if I need to make a transfer before my transfer target goes up in value (although the algorithm does tend to over estimate potential price rises. I also like using the gameweek live rank predictor, which lets you track your predicted FPL rank throughout the GW while it’s in progress. It’s fairly accurate and means you don’t have to wait for the FPL site to update. It also means you can see the affect of a certain player scoring on your rank, which may help you decide if you want to transfer them in or not.

FPL Discovery

If you like stats this site is for you, offering stats on team selection and points performance in a gameweek as an average of the overall player base (taken from a sample of 20,000) and the current top 10k positioned managers. Even if you’re not in to stats I would recommend looking at the team selection stats for the top 10k. This will let you know which highly owned players are dangerous to go without (if you’re defending a position in the top 10k, and even if you’re not), and low ownership players who you may want to buy to close the gap if you’re chasing a top 10k spot.

FPL Statistics

Another player price rise (and fall) prediction site. A more conservative estimate of player price rise and fall. I use this in parallel with the price predictor tool on FF Fix.